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Mission Statement

Laurel Elementary School Mission

Laurel Elementary School, in partnership with the community, will provide our students with a high quality education, within a safe learning environment, that will enable them to become successful citizens.

Laurel Elementary School Beliefs

  • Successful citizens are produced through a positive, safe, and challenging atmosphere.

  • All children are capable learners despite ability, race, sex, or socioeconomic status.

  • Students achieve success through differentiated instruction.

  • Intellectually challenging experiences foster critical thinking skills.

  • LES students will:

    • develop life management skills through intentional teaching of communication skills, problem solving, and coping strategies.

    • develop self-discipline, respect, for themselves, respect for others, and respect for others' property through daily instruction, teacher modeling, and practice.

    • work cooperatively through intentional experience provided in the educational setting.

    • develop positive attitudes toward their physical, mental, and social skills by explicit teaching of these skills and teacher modeling.

    • become actively involved in the learning process to reach educational goals.

  • Involvement by parents and the community enhances the educational processes of Laurel Elementary School's children.

If you have any question contact Mrs. Angela Beamer at ambeamer@ccpsd.k12.va.us .  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it