School Closings

School closings will be announced on the following television and radio stations.

WSLS - TV 10 - Roanoke

WDBJ - TV 07 - Roanoke

WXII - TV 12 - Winston Salem

WFMY - TV02 - Greensboro

WGHP TV-08 - High Point

WXLV/ WUPN TV-45 - Winston Salem

WHHV - Hillsville

WWWJ - Galax

WBRF - Galax

WPSK - Pulaski

WSLQ - Roanoke

WWZE- Hillsville

K92 - Roanoke

WSYD - Mt. Airy

WPAQ - Mt. Airy

WTQR - Winston Salem

WSLC - Roanoke

VIBE 100 - Roanoke

The ideas and opinions expressed on these stations are not necessarily those of Carroll County Public Schools.

In addition to the above, Carroll County Public Schools will contact each parent through an automated calling service on days when schedules are changed due to weather. Parents can also receive school closing information by dialing the school system’s Snow Phone by dialing 728-4151 for a recorded message or they may go to the site